Idaho Press: Newspapers are a free speech zone. Enter at your own risk.

by Nathan Alford

2020 was a dark and difficult year across our country and around the world.

Some of us lost our jobs.

Some of us lost loved ones.

We are, however, comparatively fortunate. Our north central Idaho and southeastern Washington towns have, so far, avoided the most significant crises of over-capacity hospitals and widespread economic collapse.

And 2021 promises to be brighter. No doubt.

But some wounds and scars will be carried forward.

We understand half of the people in our country are smarting from the divisive and contested presidential election.

We also understand some continue to be critical of us, here at the Lewiston Tribune, for our full-throated view of the First Amendment, opting to publish political cartoons and opinions from the left and right, and Associated Press news stories that sometimes conflict with their worldviews.