CBS2Iowa: ‘Jackie Robinson of Iowa newspapers:’ Meet Ty Rushing, a Black journalist in rural Iowa


Ty Rushing is a local newspaperman to his core, with a penchant for punchy headlines and an unwavering commitment to his community.

“People are like, ‘you want to go to DC?’ Or ‘we need you in DC or New York’ and I’m like nah. I’d rather go to a Sheldon City Council meeting than watch Congress on C-SPAN,” Rushing said with an earnest smile.

Rushing met for an interview Thursday to discuss what it’s like to live and work in his small Iowa community. He describes himself as a “sucker” for newspapers and his passion for hyper-local community journalism is evident from the moment you meet him. Rushing is managing editor N’West Iowa Review in Sheldon and oversees a number of smaller publications that fall under the same ownership.