Urban Milwaukee: Journal Sentinel Website Goes Generic, Replica of USA Today

Today was the D Day or make that G Day, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel became even less of a local paper and more like a replica of USA Today, the flagship newspaper of the Gannett/Gatehouse company that owns the Milwaukee daily.

The new Journal Sentinel website, transformed today, looks nearly identical to other newspapers owned by Gannett, like the Cincinnati Enquirer or Arizona Republic or the Louisville Courier Journal.

It looks quite different than the old jsonline, which you can see the Google Wayback machine here. The old site looked more editorial, while the new one has a huge ad at the top of the page that gets far more prominence than the headlines.

The new site has reduced the size of some editorial photos to less than a postage-stamp in size and has dropped the link to “Watchdog” stories in the navigation bar. But then the JS does far fewer watchdog stories than in past years.