Jason Sethre: Made in the Midwest

by Jason Sethre

Fillmore County Journal

For decades, America has been battling the outsourcing of manufacturing and services to countries like Mexico, China, Philippines, and India.

The United States has lost so many jobs to other countries for a variety of reasons, including labor costs, environmental restrictions, and tax incentives.

Most people would be surprised to hear that some newspapers have fallen into that bear trap.

There is a corporate-owned newspaper in Southeast Minnesota (not the Fillmore County Journal) that outsources their advertising design to a company based in India. So, a local customer cannot directly speak with the designer about placing an advertisement in the local newspaper. The ad content is sent via e-mail overseas to a company in India. That company designs the ad and sends it back to the newspaper, and that’s how the process works.

At some point, that newspaper decided to sell their soul to the Devil in order to save money by getting rid of local people.

I’ve seen it happen throughout the newspaper industry. The Star-Tribune and Des Moines Register have both gone down that path, outsourcing their advertising design to India. Another family-owned newspaper west of Fillmore County has succumbed to the pressure, and they are outsourcing their advertising design to India, as well.