Ryan Dohrn and Kevin Slimp team up to help newspapers deal with COVID-19


Since Friday, Ryan Dohrn and Kevin Slimp have been in discussions concerning how they could help newspapers prepare for the disruption in production and revenue issues related to COVID-19.


They have decided to offer two webinars, both on Thursday of this week, to help newspaper prepare for production and sales disruptions. Each webinar is available for $19, one-third the usual rate for classes at newspaperacademy.com.


The following is information about Thursday’s webinars:

Kevin Slimp Webinar: Preparing Your Staff for the Possibility of Working at Home Amidst COVID-19
Wednesday, March 25
3:00 / 2:00 Central/ Noon Pacific


All businesses have to make plans to deal with emergencies. Newspapers are no different. Whether your paper serves an area already dealing with school closings, quarantines, and other disruptions associated with COVID-19 or not, it’s imperative to have a plan in place to get the paper out in case you or your staff can’t get to the office. Whether due to a quarantine – or because someone has to be home watching the kids who are out of school – it’s of critical importance to make plans now.


In the first of two webinars meant to assist newspapers in dealing with COVID-19 (the second is led by Ryan Dohrn later in the day) Kevin Slimp will discuss how to get your staff prepared to get your paper out from home. Just a few of the topics he will discuss include:


• Making sure everyone has the hardware necessary to get the paper out

• Making sure everyone has the software necessary to get the paper out

• Making sure everyone can access files, whether online, through storage devices, or other methods

• Making sure settings are correct in all applications so print quality doesn’t suffer

• Developing a plan so everyone knows what to do if a quarantine is announced

• Keeping your community informed, even if your printer shuts down

Ryan Dohrn Webinar: Helping Newspaper Advertisers Understand Marketing Amidst COVID-19
Thursday, March 26
2:00 pm Eastern / 1 Central/ 11 Pacific
Registration: https://msb.press/ryan


Veteran ad sales coach Ryan Dohrn will share 10 ways to empathize, educate and guide your advertisers during the COVID-19 crisis.


Key takeaways will be:


1.  How to show empathy without getting into a COVID-19 debate.
2.  How to explain the NASCAR effect of getting 3 laps down when advertisers pull ads.
3.  How to show examples like Kellogs and Dominoes that doubled down on marketing in a crisis and came out as market leaders after a crisis.
4.  How to help advertisers re-define their core audience for survival.


And so much more.