Saline Courier: Hussman spews false claims that all newspapers are dying

Editorial by Kelly Freudensprung

For example: Hussman has said repeatedly that his paper is losing money and that subscribers are going to have to help make up for declining advertising revenues by paying $34 to $36 per month for the electronic version plus the Sunday print edition. These things may be true for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette , but that does not mean that they are true for other newspapers.

The Saline Courier and the Malvern Daily Record did NOT lose money last year and neither will lose money this year. Granted, if we had spent $12 million on iPads, the bottom line at each paper would be red instead of black.

To say that the newspaper business has changed considerably over the past 15 to 20 years is an understatement. I have been a front-row witness to the changing tides of advertising revenue from newspapers to Facebook and Google (which seem to care primarily about selling their users’ personal data).