NYT: How a Newspaper War in New Orleans Ended: With a Baked Alaska and Layoffs

By Campbell Robertson

NEW ORLEANS — The announcement came via the baked alaska.

On May 2, senior staff members at The Advocate newspaper gathered in a room at Antoine’s, one of the white-linen dining palaces in the French Quarter of New Orleans, for a lunch purportedly in honor of the paper’s first-ever Pulitzer Prize. The win was the crowning moment for The Advocate since it stormed into New Orleans journalism about six years ago. Drawn in icing on one side of the dessert was The Advocate’s logo.

But on the other side, to the surprise of many in the room, was the logo of its 182-year-old neighbor turned rival, The Times-Picayune. The baked alaska broke the news: The two papers were now one, bringing an end to an extraordinary modern newspaper war.

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