Emory University Wheel: 10 Reasons Why University Newspapers are Important

University newspapers continue to disappear with the main culprit being the digital media. Students now get their news from the internet. Furthermore, activities like social media are also taking much of their free time.

Another reason is that many hesitate to keep up with the times. They hesitate to become a digital publication, which is preferable to students. For one, this allows students to access and digest the news better.

Lack of funding is also a major cause. After all, you need money to print the newspaper or to maintain a university news website.

Still, there’s no good reason to shut down a university newspaper. Here 10 good reasons why universities (and other schools) need a newspaper.

  1. It Recreates a Real-Life Workplace

The university newspaper is one of the few school activities that are an accurate representation of the work environment. There are deadlines to keep, work ethics to follow, and roles to distribute. Students learn how to be a team and how to lead under constant pressure.