Forbes: Police Slam Newspapers For Fueling The Far-Right Just As Mosques Come Under Attack

by Zak Doffman, Contributor

After a week of headlines on the role social media plays in promoting terrorism, the U.K.’s Head of Counter-Terrorism policing, Neil Basu, issued an open letter yesterday turning the spotlight on the mainstream media and their hypocrisy: “The same media companies who have lambasted social media platforms for not acting fast enough to remove extremist content,” he wrote, “are simultaneously publishing uncensored Daesh propaganda on their websites, or making the rambling ‘manifestos’ of crazed killers available for download.”

Just after this article was first published, the news came that five mosques had been attacked with a sledgehammer overnight in Birmingham, the U.K.’s second city and home to a much higher proportion of Muslims that the national average. According to the Telegraph, “West Midlands Police said it was yet to establish a motive for the attacks, which are believed to be linked, as it confirmed that officers from its Counter Terrorism Unit had opened an investigation.”

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