Mom of 10-year-old: “I wanted to mention that I bought my first newspaper today”

An interesting post came my way on Facebook today. You remember Facebook. If you don’t, just ask your parents about it.

A long-time friend in Kentucky forwarded a post from a mom in Atlanta, who, from the look of her family photos, is in her 30s.

Oh my, what a day! I never expected so many people to connect with the mystery slides and appreciate them the way I did from first sight.

I wanted to mention t hat I bought my first newspaper in many years so I could read this article today, and my 10 year old daughter read every page in earnest. She kept asking, “Did you know the charges against Stormy Daniels were dropped? Did you know scientists think going barefoot may be good for your immune system?” No, baby girl. I did not know those things. Since Facebook did away with their trending section and we haven’t had cable or even local TV in over 4 years (we only use streaming services) we just get bits of journalism from NPR radio every now and then. Having a newspaper in our house was refreshing and interesting, and it got my reluctant reader to spend more time reading than she has in all of summer break.

We will be purchasing a newspaper subscription. Things come full circle, I guess.

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