Candidate who asked South Dakotans to “support their local newspapers” wins primary handily

Dusty Johnson: “I’m starting our advertising campaign with newspapers.”

Dusty Johnson, Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, has announced the launch of the first newspaper ads of the 2018 political season. While many candidates trumpet the release of their television commercials, Dusty felt it was important instead to highlight the role newspapers play in our political system.

“Every election year candidates send out press releases celebrating the start of their TV ads. I’ve long said newspapers are a vital ingredient of a healthy republic, so I wanted to put my money where my mouth is,” Johnson said. “I’m starting our advertising campaign with newspapers.”

The “Friends of Dusty Johnson” committee has placed a significant initial order for advertising in South Dakota’s weekly newspapers. Those ads will start running before the June 5 primary.

“If we want accountable governments, informed citizens and connected communities, we need to invest in newspapers. That means voters buying subscriptions, and businesses and campaigns buying advertising. I’m proud to do my part,” Johnson said.

Dusty asks citizens to support their local newspapers.

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