Turkey: Accurate news, honest newspapers


Tomorrow is a special day for Hürriyet, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Hürriyet was first published on May 1, 1948. It promised its readers that it would “provide accurate news and would be an honest newspaper seeking justice,” walking hand in hand with its readers. Its founder Sedat Simavi wrote in his first editorial that Hürriyet’s main mission is to “promote democracy.”

“We are stepping forward to enroot and protect democracy in our country. We dedicate ourselves to the fact that democracy is the most suitable regime for our country,” Simavi wrote.

“That being said, it is important to emphasize that Hürriyet is not affiliated with any party. It is and will be free. Hürriyet is strong because it relies on its own financial resources. It will therefore not be afraid of offending anyone and will not put in extra effort to make anyone happy,” he added.


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