NYU: College Newspapers Are Dying, Let’s Save Them

By Jemima McEvoy, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Square News

Today, we’re having a conversation about journalism — a craft, a career path, an industry that is currently hemorrhaging before our eyes and at our mercy. Changes in the way media is disseminated, digested and financed are affecting newsrooms across the country, and despite a lack of attention thus far, college newsrooms are not exempt from these widespread threats.

In light of Student Journalism Day, on April 25, over 90 college publications around the country are banding together and speaking out about the troubles faced within their own newsrooms as a part of the #SaveStudentNewsrooms movement. These vital, long-needed conversations about student journalism follow rising concernsover the fate of local news — news sources that, like college publications, are geared toward serving and reporting on smaller subsets of the population at large.

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