Flagpole, Athens Georgia: Takes a swipe at Gatehouse Media

By Pete McCommons

By now we’ve all been properly horrified to learn that Sinclair Broadcast Group recently forced news anchors at all its nearly 200 television stations nationwide to mouth a statement about “the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news plaguing our country.” The statement also cried with alarm at the danger to a democracy caused by fake news. Sinclair is coincidentally awaiting approval from the federal government for the purchase of 40 more TV stations. Doesn’t hurt to show them which side you’re on.

Some of those Sinclair stations are affiliated with fair-and-balanced Fox News, and anyone who listens to our local radio monopoly understands what Sinclair means by one-sided news.

Sinclair’s executive chairman spelled it out in an email to New York magazine: “The print media is so left wing as to be meaningless dribble which accounts for why the industry is and will fade away. Just no credibility.”

Now, wait a minute. The print media includes the Athens Banner-Herald, and I do not believe they deserve to be characterized as left wing. There are probably some other print publications like, say, National Review, that also express a conservative view from time to time.

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