John Finney looks to life after newspapers

by Kevin Slimp

I first got the word this morning, when Becky Newbold sent me a photo of the story about John Finney retiring from Kennedy Newspapers. Not an hour passed until I noticed a call coming in while preparing for a webinar with Ed Henninger. You guessed it. It was John Finney.

Let’s get something straight. John is way too young to retire. That’s just what we call it after someone leaves their job after 40 (or 41) years. John will get into something else. We all know that.

One of my first trips to visit papers in Tennessee happened in 1995 when Sam Kennedy asked me to spend two days driving around West Tennessee and taking a look at his newspapers. I met John on that trip and we’ve been friends ever since.

What was the first thing John asked me this morning? “Hey Kevin, Do you have a job for me?”

Of course he was kidding, but I told him to send in a list of references and I’d see what I could do.

Enjoy your retirement, John. I’m guessing it will last about two weeks.

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