Michael Thomason: The irony of Facebook apologizing in newspapers

The (Sweetwater, Tennessee) Advocate & Democrat

by Michael Thomason   2018 April 02

I’m sure, or at least hope, the irony of Mark Zuckerberg using newspapers to apologize for letting Facebook user data be used unscrupulously in a presidential campaign didn’t go over most people’s heads.

In case you get all your news from Facebook, which didn’t display the apology as far as I know, some company that compiles data for political candidates to use took a lot of data they pulled from Facebook and used it to let candidates know the kind of people they should target and where they lived.

How did they do this? Well, you know those quizzes/tests that tell you which character you’d be in certain TV shows or what kind of dog you’d be if you were a dog? Those. The answers you give is considered data and since you don’t read the fine print (none of us do) the companies that get that data can use it however you wish.

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