Tahoe Daily Tribune: Publisher’s Perspective: The cost of journalism today

I’m going to warn you right now — this article is somewhat self-serving. Now that that’s out of the way, let me begin.

Over the last year or so the prevalence of “fake news” has really shed a light on the importance of good journalism. But what is journalism in today’s media and how does it differ from year’s past? While complex, let me try to answer.


It’s quite easy to lump local media with the rhetoric that surrounds large national and global media outlets — but don’t. That’s not our gig. We’ve been accused of leaning too far in both directions. However, I assure you that we approach our job with the intent to bring attention to the most important stories that affect the local communities we serve and empower our readers with information to help them make informed decisions and stay on top of breaking events — not to provide a single-sided look at a specific issue.



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