Andrew Coyne: The good news is we don’t get the $50M. The bad news is someone else does

By Andrew Coyne
National Post


I gather the people at the top of my industry are not entirely happy.

“Budget media provisions disappointing, industry says” reported the Globe and Mail, a newspaper, about the newspaper industry’s reaction to a decision by the government it covers on the issue of the government giving money to the newspapers that cover it. “Federal budget fails to provide real help to Canadian media, industry officials warn,” reported the Toronto Star, another newspaper.

Both of the newspapers quoted John Hinds, president of News Media Canada, an organization whose name might lead you to think it represents the news media in Canada but is in fact a group of newspaper publishers. “It doesn’t really address the current problem that we have,” he said in one.

Also quoted was Paul Godfrey, chief executive officer of Postmedia Network Canada Corp., which owns the National Post and other newspapers where this column appears. “This is most disappointing, and somewhat insulting when you consider all the time we’ve wasted making appearances in front of commissions they’ve set up,” he said. “Continuing to ignore us means more job cuts, more closures and more anguish.” I’m sure he didn’t mean that the way it sounds.

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