UK: Social media fake news sees digital journalists less trusted than traditionalists

As digital journalism seeks to recover from a severe reputational knock delivered by the ‘fake news’ era, online outlets still struggle to be perceived as little more than avenues of entertainment. However, the key to changing this may be collaboration with cash-strapped traditional news media members – who remain more trusted by the public, but under-resourced with regards to investigative journalism.

According to a new report from Reuters Institute, in cooperation with the University of Oxford, online journalists face an uphill battle to be taken as credible sources. Data covering over 30 countries and five continents revealed that, when considering one of the prime distribution method of online articles – social media – through which 23% of online news is accessed (compared to 32% directly visiting sites, and 25% using search engines), according to respondents to the study. Meanwhile, only 24% of respondents said they believed sites like Facebook and Twitter do enough to separate fact from fiction.

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