News Media Canada statement on 2018 Federal Budget


There is no mention of news media in the Minister’s budget speech.

In the Budget document, there is a section entitled “Supporting Local Journalism” that has two announcements, both of which have already been reported over the past few days.

First, the federal government will be providing $50 million over five years starting in 2018-2019 to one or more independent non-governmental organizations to support local journalism in under-serviced communities. The organizations will have full responsibility to administer the funds, respecting the independence of the press. There is no indication of who that organization or organizations will be.

The second item is that the federal government will, over the next year, be exploring new models that will enable private giving and philanthropic support for trusted, professional, non-profit journalism and local news. According to the budget document: “this could include new ways for Canadian newspapers to innovate and be recognized to receive charitable status for not-for-profit provision of journalism, reflecting the public interest that they serve.”

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